Pixelbot E3 Coverage: EA

This is Brent. We are back. This time covering EA’s press conference. What are you expecting this time?

The show starts off with a big one. We are taken into DICE Studios to see how they are creating the world of……….STAR WARS! The Early In-Engine Footage is stunning. You feel like you are n the movie! Star Wars battlefront is gonna be amazing!

Dragon Age: Inquisition is up next. Wait. DA: I again? Live Cello player comes out to background the world of Dragon Age. Some footage we saw during Microsoft, but there is new footage.  We also get to see game-play footage of a team battling a dragon. It looks epic. Next, we are introduced to the team in DA: I.

Next, we are treated to a BTS of the Next Mass effect.

Sims 4 is up next. Sims are now smarter and more creative. And now you can “control their hearts”.It looks alot more vibrant and lively than previous installments. It looks like fun.

YESSSSS. Bruce Lee’s classic water speech is on screen meaning…….EA SPORT UFC! The Bruce Lee gameplay is amazing. Then they show off Bruce Lee vs BJ Penn in game, showing off the submission controls, as well as the stand-up battle. Cant wait. it comes out next week!

NHL 15 is next, which brings new graphics and physics.

We have another BTS spot featuring Criterion game’s next big Burnout game, where you can crash any vehicle possible. And you can even skydive!

The next game is a new high-def PGA game, which features fantasy courses, one of which is a huge battleship.

Madden 15 is next, which shows off defensive players and their gameplay. Also adding new player reactions.

The new Dawngate MOBA is the next BTS feature. It looks quite different from DOTA or LoL. Im definitely gonna try it out.

Mirror’s Edge 2 BTS is next, which includes some concept gameplay.

Fifa 15 is next, focusing on it’s realistic features.

The epic Battlefield Hardline trailer came out next. It looks great. We also get to see a 32 multiplier gameplay of cops vs robbers. It looks good. Highly-detailed but also very chaotic. And the closed-Beta is out today!

And that is it for EA.  I will be back in a hour for the Ubisoft presentation.


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