Pixelbot E3 Coverage: Microsoft

Good morning everyone. This is Brent and this is my first post on the blog. We begin this year’s edition of E3 with Microsoft’s Press Conference.

We beging with a flash of Microsoft’s products and games with green lights flashing everywhere and people with glowing green wristbands.

We are welcomed by, the head of XBox, Phil Spencer.

The crowd erupted in cheers when Phil said the following words, “Today we dedicate our entire briefing on GAMES.” This comes after last year’s E3 where they covered TV and other entertainment that the Xbox One can utilize that isn’t of the video game variety.

The first game Phil announces, which is said is the best selling franchise in XBox History,:

Activistion and SlegdgeHammer’s: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

  • Seoul, South Korea. ‘Induction” is lit on the screen.
  • Rockets fire towards you and your team.

I apologize but there was lag in my stream and I missed most of it but we now switch the next game:

Forza 5

This game is already out but they announced a gorgeous new track based on reality and mapped the course to the “milometer”.

To announce the next Forza game, they bring out Ralph Fulton, creative director.

Forza Horizon 2. The graphics are gorgeous and super-realistic. In the next game, yo are treated to a open world and you can create clubs for you and your friends up to 1,000 members in size. Forza Horizon 2 comes out September 30 and only on XBOX One.

We are now treated to their trailer where they feature some of the cars in their game in stunning 1080p. I am not a big racing guy but it looks great.

As the trailer ends another begins. EvolVe takes the stage next.

The game looks intense with 4 players fighting against a giant monster, liken to Chtullu.

Vincent Pontbriand, from Ubisoft, enters the stage to talk about AC: Unity.

In ACU you can create your own Brotherhood with your friends.

We get to see some gameplay footage, wherein a group of players target one French aristocrat. The graphics are stunning as always and it looks and feels like you are in Revolutionary France *cue Les Mis music*. I am excited for it. It looks awesome.

The next game is by Bioware. We are in a stunning fantasy world fighting monsters. It is Dragon Age Inquisition.

Next game: Looks like a military shooter then a dude with a Mohawk bursts through the door and cleans up the insurgency with insane weapons then we walk out with him and he breaks the fourth wall and talked directly to us about the backstory of the game. It is Sunset Overdrive!

Insomniac Games’ Ted Price Walks out and plays the game showing off a mission. It looks like a lot of fun and gives me a Jet Set Radio Future vibe, with the grinding, the music, and the color. It comes out October 8, exclusively on XBox One.

The is the insane Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + Alpha. Which is currently available Dead Rising 3 DLCs, where in madness erupts.


Alex Rigopulos, CEO of Harmonix announces: Disney Fantasia Music Evolvoed and Dance Central Spotlight, DLC only on XBox One.

Dave Eckelberry, of Lion Head, comes out and shows off Fable Legends and it’s Multi-player capabilities and its fantastic world. In Fable Legends, you can play the villain can can control the world where the heroes travel and try to stop them with spells. It looks like fun.

Project Spark is up next. You create the world of the game and it looks like you can pretty much do anything. Gonna be fun. I will check it out.

Moon Studios’ Ori looks nice. It is a side-scrolling fantasy world where you play a big humanoid creature. Coming in the fall.

The next game is the one we have been waiting for during this Briefing. The Next Halo installment, which looks like an epic origin of Master Chief. Bonnie Ross comes out and talks more on it. And……………Halo Master Chief Collection!!!!! Halo 1-4 in one package. Dan Ayoub takes over and tells us that 1-4 can be played seamlessly and can create playlists. Also, the Halo 2 graphics have been updated but you can go back to the old graphics if you want. And 6 Halo 2 maps are back. Man, the graphics are crazy. Bonnie comes back and announces Halo Nightfall live action show, which is packaged with the game. AND the Halo 5: Guardians Beta. That is alot in one disc! This will sell like hotcakes.

Phil Spencer comes back, wearing a “limbo” shirt., presenting Playdead’s next game: Inside.

Chris Charla, ID@XBox Director, is up. and shows off some Indie games.

Next game is the world premier trailer for: RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up is Witcher 3. They show off some game play of this huge world and the creatures in it.

Now Ken Lobb from Microsoft is next and he brings back Phantom Dust back from the dead.

The trailer is followed by the next game: Tom Clancy’s The Division. We get to see a demo of the highly-detailed post-apocalyptic world.

We jump back into the world of fantasy with Xbox Exclusive Scalebound, where we see the player teaming up with a dragon. it looks epic.

Crackdown comes back as we see a trailer of the explosive new installment of this franchise.

Spencer wraps us up and it is done.

Thanks for reading. There were some technical difficulties with the stream but ┬áit worked out in the end. I will take a breather and come back at 12 to cover EA’s press conference.




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