Pixelbot E3 Coverage: Ubisoft

So this will be my last post for today, as Jed will cover Sony’s presentation. Let’s get started.

The first game on the stage was mysterious at first until a certain white haired man came out of a helicopter. Far Cry 4! They showed the first 5 minutes of the game. And they will have an announcement tonight.

Next up: Just Dance 2015, showing a trailer featuring “Happy” by Pharrell. They also announced Just Dance Now which uses Smart Phones and an app. And they demonstrate 20 people simultaneously dancing.

Now we are at: The Division, where they show a video that explains the world of The Division in an epic, hyper-realistic trailer. It’s gonna be great.

We have The Crew up next. A huge open world featuring the ENTIRE Unites States. The scenery is goreous and it feels like you are really travelling across the US. There is already world crews that will have a tourney shortly. It launches Veterans Day 2014!

We can’t have a¬†Ubisoft press conference with out Assassins Creed, right? Unity is next. We are shown the bleack world of Revolutionary France on the wings of an Eagle. They we see the Assassins fly in. It looks sooooo epic. I cannot wait. Like int he Mircosoft presentation, we get to see real gameplay. This time it is a solo mission and it is just as awesome as the previous.

Up Next: Shape Up, which is a new fitness game. It looks like fun.l It utilizes camera functions. You can play head-to-head or you can even play against your pre-recorded self.

Valiant Hearts is next. It is a game beased on World War 1 and follows 4 characters in this beautiful, stylized universe, utilizing the engine that created Rayman. The feels.

One Final game: a gameplay trailer featuring a 5v5 rescue mission for Rainbow 6 Siege, that ends in an epic cliffhanger.

And that is it. Thanks for reading my three articles. Stay tuned, Jed will cover Sony.


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