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The Pixelbot Podcast – EP 29

We are back!! But we are short one Gabe, but up one Hans. Jed, Brent and Hans discuss Comikaze Expo, cosplaying, comic announcements, Ultraman, PS4 launch and Assassin’s Creed 4.


The Pixelbot Podcast EP 27 – The Weekend Edition

This weekend Gabe, Jed and Brent discuss Superman vs. Dark Knight news, Kingdom Hearts 3, Watch Dogs delay, Kickstarter stuff, more video games and scratch the surface of Pokemon X and Y. Also, Gabe’s audio gets choppy and a little creepy!

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 26

This week, Gabe, Jed and Brent talk new Sleeping Dogs title, lead female characters for open world games, Shadow of the Colossus, Beyond: Two Souls, Pokemon X & Y, Cookie Clicker, and new comics of the week.

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 21 – The Weekend Edition

We bring you another weekend edition where Gabe, Jed, Brent and Hans discuss Ben Affleck as Batman, the 2DS, Breaking Bad and some more gaerms.

The Pixelbot Podcast EP010

Aww snaps we reached episode 10!  This week we talk a lot about the newly revealed Xbox One, more In Verbis Virtus, the new Arkham Origins trailer (and how awesome it is) and we discuss about what we hope to see in E3 in a couple weeks.