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The Pixelbot Podcast EP 45

Franny joins us once again as we discuss the Power Rangers reboot,  new Star Wars cast, Gotham announcement, as well as games we have been playing recently.


The Pixelbot Podcast – EP 19

Sorry for the delay! This week Gabe, Jed and Brent talk about thrift shopping, Kid Icarus, Vindictus, Saints Row IV Wad Wad Edition, and play a gaming statistics guessing game (which is more interesting than it sounds).

The Pixelbot Podcast EP010

Aww snaps we reached episode 10!  This week we talk a lot about the newly revealed Xbox One, more In Verbis Virtus, the new Arkham Origins trailer (and how awesome it is) and we discuss about what we hope to see in E3 in a couple weeks.