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The Pixelbot Podcast EP 26

This week, Gabe, Jed and Brent talk new Sleeping Dogs title, lead female characters for open world games, Shadow of the Colossus, Beyond: Two Souls, Pokemon X & Y, Cookie Clicker, and new comics of the week.


The Pixelbot Podcast EP 25

This week Gabe, Jed and Brent discuss some more Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Shantae, upcoming games, Watch Dogs PC requirements and neglecting our 3DS’.

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 21 – The Weekend Edition

We bring you another weekend edition where Gabe, Jed, Brent and Hans discuss Ben Affleck as Batman, the 2DS, Breaking Bad and some more gaerms.

The Pixelbot Plays – Surgeon Simulator 2013

Gabe came over to my place to try out Surgeon Simulator 2013. You’d figure that for us Asians, anything stereotypically related to the medical field would be a cinch for us. Well, that may not be the case for our YouTube video (spoiler: we’re not med students either). Enjoy this disaster of an operation and subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our vids!

The Pixelbot Podcast EP008 – The Weekend Edition

We are back with yet another (and shorter) Weekend Edition of the podcast. We talk about the Long Beach Comic Con this past weekend, EA acquiring publishing rights to more Star Wars games,┬áreminisce about old Star Wars games,┬átalk Paplinko, Minigore 2: Zombies, Random Heroes 2 and other random things. We’re pretty pooped to be honest.

The Pixelbot Podcast EP007

Our gaming lives have simmered down a bit, but we still talk about them! This week we talk a little bit about Beyond: Two Souls, our Garrys Mod misadventures, Disney Infinity, the magic of Vocaloids, Fish Out of Water, and Warframe!


The Pixelbot Podcast EP006 – The Weekend Edition

This week we bring you a special weekend edition featuring guests Brent and Hans! We talk Injustice, Don't Starve, Guacamelee and more mobile games!