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The Pixelbot Podcast EP 48

We are one Gabe short but Jed and Brent sit by the poolside (Brent at least) and discuss Steam Sales, comic book movie news, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, games we’re playing and answer some questions!



The Pixelbot Podcast EP 47

As we get ready for E3 coverage, we discuss delayed games, GOG Galaxy, Edge of Tomorrow, new Sailor Moon, mobile games and the horror that is flying cockroaches.

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 39 – The Weekend Edition

Sorry for the delay! We’re back to talk about Irrational closing down, March game releases, Twitch Plays Pokemon, comic book movie news and waffle tacos.

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 37

This week, Gabe, Jed and Brent talk about the rise and fall of Flappy Bird, Child of Light news, Jed’s visit to the Agents of SHIELD set, Nisekoi, Sword Art Online season 2, Dungeon Keeper, Loadout, giant Elder Scrolls Online download sizes, more comic movie casting news and Card Wars!

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 33

Gabe and Jed return for our first podcast of 2014! We talk about Dream of Pixels, Brave Frontier, Steam sales, Sleeping Dogs, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Ni No Kuni, Playstation Now, Steam Machines and close with the new announcement of Game of Thrones Season 4.

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 16

Little kids invade the podcast! Also, Franny and Brent stop by and we talk Steam Summer Sales, Castle Crashers, Poker Night 2, Project X Zone and some Animal Crossing.

[audio https://thepixelbot.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/thepixelbotpodcast_ep016_071513.mp3]

The Pixelbot Plays – Surgeon Simulator 2013

Gabe came over to my place to try out Surgeon Simulator 2013. You’d figure that for us Asians, anything stereotypically related to the medical field would be a cinch for us. Well, that may not be the case for our YouTube video (spoiler: we’re not med students either). Enjoy this disaster of an operation and subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our vids!