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The Pixelbot Podcast EP 47

As we get ready for E3 coverage, we discuss delayed games, GOG Galaxy, Edge of Tomorrow, new Sailor Moon, mobile games and the horror that is flying cockroaches.


The Pixelbot Podcast EP 40

This week we discuss the Arkham Knight trailer, Watch Dogs release date, a live-action Last of Us, Disney layoffs, anticipate Dark Souls 2 and talk about some games we played recently.

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 27 – The Weekend Edition

This weekend Gabe, Jed and Brent discuss Superman vs. Dark Knight news, Kingdom Hearts 3, Watch Dogs delay, Kickstarter stuff, more video games and scratch the surface of Pokemon X and Y. Also, Gabe’s audio gets choppy and a little creepy!

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 25

This week Gabe, Jed and Brent discuss some more Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Shantae, upcoming games, Watch Dogs PC requirements and neglecting our 3DS’.

The Pixelbot Podcast EP 17 – Comic-Con Edition

After a couple weeks of craziness, Jed and his sister return from San Diego Comic-Con to talk about their first foray into geekiest place on earth. Gabe and Brent chime in and we share our Comic-Con tips with you!